Energy Partnerships Program 

The IESO is developing a new renewable energy support program, the Energy Partnerships Program (EPP), to streamline existing program offerings while improving the ability of communities and organizations to develop renewable energy projects. 

The Energy Partnerships Program will consolidate the Community Energy Partnerships Program (CEPP), the Municipal and Public Sector Energy Partnerships Program (MPSEPP), the Aboriginal Renewable Energy Fund (AREF), and the Aboriginal Transmission Fund (ATF) Programs, and will continue to support Aboriginal Communities, Co-operatives, Municipalities and Public Sector Entities in the participation of Ontario’s energy sector.

Draft EPP Rules and Definitions can be found hereIn an effort to continue look for efficiencies and improvements, the IESO is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of all of our funding programs.  To ensure that the new consolidated and streamlined rules are reflective of any findings and potential improvements from this review, we are continuing to develop the EPP program.  This may require revisions to the existing draft rules. Please ensure you subscribe for updates here to be notified of any revisions to the draft rules and an updated launch date.


The Energy Partnerships Program will consist of two funding streams:

1.            the Partnership Stream; and

2.            the Project Development Stream, which includes the Remote Project Development Sub-stream.

The following table sets out a summary of the funding streams and applicant and project eligibility under the EPP: 

Information and updates on the consolidated Energy Partnerships Program will be available on both the Aboriginal Energy Partnerships Program and Community Energy Partnerships Program websites. Program staff are also available to answer questions and provide support: