CEPP Webinars

Links to past CEPP webinars are posted below.  Most webinars are recorded and available for viewing following the live webinar. A list of upcoming webinars is also available.

January 26th - Schools Webinar

Educational institutions and academic facilities have great solar potential on their rooftops. Many school buildings have large, flat roofs and are well suited to hosting solar projects. This webinar will explore two projects that have recently received grants from the Community Energy Partnerships Program to develop solar projects on their elementary schools. Webinar participants will gain a better understanding of the preliminary steps involved in a school-based solar project, the potential for investment from the local community and the opportunity for learning among students. This webinar is now .

December 14 - Project Application Webinar

This virtual online project application clinic is designed to assist new or potential applicants to the Community Energy Partnerships Program to understand the project grant application process.  Program Director, Laurie Arron will deliver a presentation on how to read, compile and present required information for the grant application and review a sample application to help ensure you submit a complete application.  A question & answer session will follow presentations to address any outstanding questions from webinar participants. This webinar is now .

December 1st - Not-for Profit Sports and Recreation Facilities 

Community Power groups have been formed  through a variety of organizations -  neighbourhood associations, business improvement area (BIA) associations, parent groups, local environmental organizations and sports clubs are just a few examples. When these groups move forward on a renewable energy project, one of the first steps is to find a suitable location. Not-for-profit organizations associated with and operating sports and recreation facilities have a unique advantage in this first stage of project development - they often have large facilities with rooftops suitable for solar. The next step is to consider financing requirements.  Many such groups may be eligible for a CEPP project grant or an Infrastructure Ontario low-interest loan.  Join this CEPP webinar to learn more about how your local sports and recreation facility could become the site of a new community power project.  This webinar is now

September 27th, 2011 - Financing Strategies for Co-operatives

Understanding the options for organizational and financial structure is vital for a Community Power project. Should investors be offered a share of the profits or bonds with a fixed interest rate? Should the group use a non-profit model in which part of the profits are set-aside for social purposes? How much equity should be raised and at what time?  Recently, a number of Community Power projects have grappled with these questions. This webinar will provide an introduction to these existing financing models and review a number of options and opportunities that exist for community power projects.  Project proponents will present their experience in developing financing strategies for the ZooShare Biogas Co-operative, SolarShare Co-operative and Hall’s Pond Co-operative.  This webinar is now

August 30th, 2011 - Solar Projects by Faith Communities

Solar Projects by Faith Communities offer presentations from members of faith communities who are developing or have successfully built solar power projects.  Proponents will discuss the various stages of project development and the benefits that they have experienced to date.  This webinar will also examine how proponents are making important decisions such as selecting project partners or determining their financing model.  This webinar is now .

July 20th, 2011 - Project Application Webinar 

This virtual  project application clinic is designed to assist new or potential applicants to the Community Energy Partnerships Program in understanding the project grant application process.  Program Director, Laurie Arron and Program Manager, Laura Tozer delivered a presentation on how to compile and present required information for a CEPP project grant application.   A question & answer session will follow presentations to address any outstanding questions from webinar participants. This webinar is .

June 30th, 2011 - Community Energy Projects CEPP Webinar Series

Focus on: Community, Friendship and Cultural Centres

Community, Cultural and Friendship Centres are often the hub of the local community.  They offer a destination for events, activities and learning opportunities for all ages.  Many of these centres are starting to think creatively about how they can serve their communities and also raise funds sustainably.  This CEPP webinar will offer perspectives from three different CEPP project proponents who are demonstrating leadership in their communities with mid-size solar rooftop projects.  Speakers from Buckhorn Community Centre, Harbourfront Centre and Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre will tell their stories of how they conceptualized, developed and financed their project from the ground up. This webinar is .

May 18th, 2011 - Education Grant Webinar

Hear how your co-operative, not-for-profit or charitable organization may qualify for a CEPP Education Grant.  The Community Energy Partnerships Program has recently announced an invitation for applications to a new CEPP Education Grant funding stream.  CEPP Program Manager Laura Tozer will present on the basics of applying for a CEPP Education Grant.    Webinar participants will have an opportunity to ask questions of clarification on program applications, guidelines and rules. This webinar is

April 28th, 2011 - Waterpower Opportunities in Ontario

CEPP  hosted a webinar dedicated to understanding community-based waterpower projects and opportunities in Ontario. Colin Hoag of the OWA offered an overview of waterpower generation and including highlights from the Feed-in Tariff Program in Ontario. Mark Powell, President and CEO of the Water Power Group will present on the development of their current community energy waterpower projects. This webinar is now available for streaming.

March 10, 2011-Forming a Community Windpower Co-operative 

Several community-based co-operatives have received early stage funding from the Community Energy Partnerships Program to develop renewable power projects.  What are the benefits of forming a co-operative?  What are the steps (and time frames) involved?  What has been the experience of leaders in Ontario who are preparing community co-op share offerings?  This webinar is now available for streaming. 

February 24th, 2011- Growing the Margins Biogas Application Workshop/Webinar

Laura Tozer, CEPP Program Manager, conducted a CEPP Application Workshop  with a specific focus on biogas and biomass projects.  This 30 minute webinar is now available.  

October 28th, 2010- Securing a CEPP Grant Webinar

The Community Energy Partnerships Program (CEPP) is supporting community power projects in Ontario by awarding grants of up to $200,000 to cover early stage 'soft costs' associated with project development for wind, solar PV, waterpower and bioenergy generation projects.   Learn how the CEPP application process acts as a pre-feasibility study for your for-profit renewable energy project, and how to apply.

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October 2nd, 2010- Is Your Project Economically Viable?

Finance is important when developing a renewable energy project: developers have to invest, and likely borrow, a lot of money up front, and then receive “returns” over 20 years or more. They need to satisfy lenders and potential investors that project returns will be sufficient to justify building the project.  

The reference sheet of financial terms is available here.

July 21, 2010-Strategies and Best Practices for Community Engagement Webinar

Strategies on engaging communities in renewable energy projects were presented by: Harry French, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) "Community Power, Community Engagement", Michelle Chislett, International Power Corp. “Solar Project Community Engagement”, Joyce McLean, Toronto Hydro “Toronto Hydro and Wind Energy” and Deb Doncaster, Community Power Fund “Benefits for Community Engagement: The WindShare Experience” & “ The Green Energy & Economy Act: Encouraging Community Power as Community Engagement”

June 23, 2010- Introduction to RETScreen Webinar

RETScreen expert Urban Ziegler takes participants through solar, wind, biomass and biogas project analyses. Revisit the audio and visual content of today’s ‘Introduction to ‘RETScreen’ webinar here: "Introduction to RETScreen".

May 19, 2010-Welcome to the Community Energy Partnerships Program Webinar

A description of the CEPP and how to apply - "Welcome to the CEPP"