Other Funding

Generally obtaining funding from other sources does not restrict CEPP funding. However, projects cannot obtain funding from both the CEPP and another OPA administered program, including the Aboriginal Energy Partnership Program.

The Community Power Fund (CP Fund) was established in 2007 to support project development activities of Ontario-based community organizations pursuing local renewable energy projects, through the provision of a number of financing instruments to support community power, including grants, loans and investment equity.  These instruments include the Community Power Fund grant program, the Community Energy Partnerships Program, and the Community Power Finance Corporation.

The mission of the is to build healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by strengthening the capacity of the voluntary sector, through investments in community-based initiatives. The Trillium Foundation distributes its funding to charities and not-for-profits through Community and Province-Wide granting programs.

The Co-operative Development Initiative (CDI) is a government of Canada program, delivered in partnership with the co-operative sector, designed to help people develop co-ops and to research and test innovative ways of using the co-operative model.

The Co-operators Co-operative Development Program and Community Economic Development Fund support community enterprises and initiatives that create local employment and promote local self-reliance.

The Rural Economic Development Fund (RED) assists with the costs of projects that benefit rural communities in Ontario.

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation supports initiatives that seek outcomes that are beneficial to agricultural, rural and environmental goals.

Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) grants and loans program supports community and City of Toronto actions that helps Toronto reach its climate targets.

Green Municipal Fund supports municipal initiatives that benefit the environment, local economies and quality of life.

Northern Ontario Heritage Fund is building stronger, prosperous northern communities in Ontario.