CEPP Eligibility Criteria


Renewable energy projects may be eligible for funding if they:

  • have an installed capacity greater than 10 kW;
  • use wind, solar photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, landfill gas or waterpower;
  • are located in Ontario;
  • have a Feed-In-Tariff Contract or intend to apply to the Feed-In-Tariff Program; and
  • are developed by an eligible applicant (see below).

Eligible Applicants

Funding under the CEPP is available to an applicant in the province of Ontario that is a “co-operative corporation”, as defined in the Co-operative Corporations Act (Ontario), all of whose members are resident in Ontario.   

Eligible applicants may also joint venture with partners who do meet not meet the CEPP definition of an eligible applicant. CEPP will only provide funding for the eligible partner's share of project costs.



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