Case Study 

Poulettes Skye Pullets

Project Type: Solar Rooftop

Applicant: Poulettes Sky Pullets Inc.

Grants Awarded:  $ 27,000

Project Size:  100 kW

Status:  Project Completed and Commissioned

In November 2009, with the announcement of the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program, 3 neighbours, in a farming community east of Ottawa, started discussing the opportunity for mounting solar panels atop their jointly-owned chicken barns.    After some research and business planning, they decided that their pullet replacement barn would be the site of a 100 kW solar rooftop project, generating electricity from the sun outside while raising chicks inside.

Soon after the launch of CEPP, the farmers applied for support to acquire some of the approvals needed for the project. The partners wanted to be involved with as much of the project development work that they could, as opposed to selecting a turn-key option. “By being in control of the project, we understand the system a lot better.  We know how to operate it.” explains President, Marcel Leroux. By May 2011, the project became the 3rd CEPP- funded project to be connected to the grid.

Throughout the course of developing the solar rooftop project, the partners climbed a steep learning curve. They travelled to farms across the Province to get a better understanding of some of the technical aspects of smaller solar projects.  “We had to put quite a bit of time in.  We went to see some of the smaller projects to get an idea of what was out there and it helped us a lot to make decisions for our own project” says Marcel. 

Since installation, the egg farmers have been receiving at least one call and visit per week from other individuals interested in learning about the solar project.  Many neighbours have expressed their support for the project.  Some are even taking a look at the orientation of their own barns.

An opening ceremony to celebrate the commissioning and successful completion of the 100 kW system will be taking place in June in the company of the Mayor, the local MPP, neighbours and many other members of the community.

This project has received funding support from the Ontario Power Authority through the Community Energy Partnerships Program. Such support does not indicate endorsement by the Ontario Power Authority or the Province of Ontario of the contents of this material. The views expressed in the material are the views of the Recipient and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ontario Power Authority or the Province of Ontario.

Image 1:  Skye Pullets Installation Under Construction

Skye Pullets Under Construction

Skye Pullets Launch Event Video


Production Data

To view electricity production data now available to the public, follow this link.